Fresh n Clean

Refreshing pH Neutral No Rinse Detergent/Cleaner

Fresh n Clean is an ideal cleaner for walls, floors, benches etc., where the use of a versatile cleaner with a pH of 7.0 is required.

Fresh n Clean can also be used as a general purpose cleaner and is an exceptional spray and wipe or mop and swab applications.


Dilution: Use 60ml in half a bucket of water. Spray and Wipe-1 part product to 10 parts water. When cleaning polished floors or surfaces, ensure cleaning solution is kept fresh and clear.


SAFTEY DIRECTIONS:  Avoid contact with eyes.




Food Grade Sanitiser / Sandpit Sanitiser


DESCRIPTION: QSan disinfects and sanitises surfaces, implements and equipment and does not require rinsing when used as directed.

All surfaces should be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly of all soils prior to the sanitiser application.

For clean surface use: Dilute 1 part QSan to 100-160 parts water (6-10ml to 1lt) for disinfection/sanitation of food surface, equipment and floors.

Rinse all product-contacting surfaces with potable water after use.

FOOD UTENSIL SOAK & NO RINSE: Dilute 1 Part QSan to 250 parts water (4ml to 1lt) for use as a food utensil storage solution.  Replace solution when grossly soiled. Direct contact with prescribed goods must be prevented and treated surfaces adequately drained before processing operations resume.


Cuties Baby Wipes




Multi Purpose 4 in 1

A general purpose disinfectant cleaner, designed to perform four important functions at one dilution and one application.

Non corrosive, safe to use on all surfaces compatible with water.

Suitable for floors and spray and wipe applications in amenity blocks, refuse areas and drains. Apply the solution either by spraying, mopping or sponging the area. Rinse the area with water if required