LiftAway Heavy Duty Cleaner



LIFTAWAY is an outstanding high quality multipurpose cleaner that utilizes a variety of cleaning technologies to lift, separate and dissolve grease and oil deposits during the cleaning process and hold soils in suspension making cleaning easier and quicker.

LIFTAWAY may be used for a wide variety of cleaning duties including floor cleaning, laundry pre-spotting, spray and wipe applications, oven and grill cleaning and degreasing.


DIRECTIONS:  Dilute LIFTAWAY with clean water according to the intended use;

Oven and Grill Cleaning:  Neat.

Range Hood Cleaning:  Neat – 1:5

Heavy Duty Cleaning – Showers, Toilets and Urinals: 1:5 – 1:20.

Laundry Prespotter – for collars, cuffs and work wear: 1:20

General Cleaning – Spray and Wipe, Walls: 1:20. Vinyl and Tile Floor Cleaning: 1:60

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5 Litre, 20 Litre

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